Volunteer Opportunities - Community Give Back




We believe that giving back to the community is a very important part of creating a successful business. One of the driving forces we all share at Cannon Wealth Management Services is to treat our clients and the community with a servant's heart. In each of our offices we display a framed singular statement that says "It's not about me." Every effort is made to remember that in all we do. 

Several times throughtout the year we will volunteer as a company at local community outreach programs and would love for you to join us. It's a wonderful chance to make some really good connections with people who will greatly benefit from your act of genorosity. 

We will list all of our community projects and plans here on our events page. We hope that you will find something in our sponsered events that appeals to you personally or a time that works to volunteer and help make our small corner of the world a little better.